204 - Gaffered

Thu 04 Aug 2005

Woke up to find the weather was still minging, so we elected to avoid it by going deep. Nial guided us down through the Underworld and Fat Worm; I put in a 1999 rope on the Cerberus traverse, which we can leave there permananently. Dour and I inspected the rig on the big pitch in Apocalypse, and decided it was fine, despite Nial's reservations. I abseiled down to the floor (below where Martin + Nial had swung off on their previous trips), noticed another pitch (~5m, with another beyond) and a side passage leading off from a ledge slightly above. This was a peculiar spiralling tube in very sharp rock, which I followed for some distance past a tight bend until it closed down. SRT kit removal was needed to get out past the tight bend, and somewhere en route I had ripped my oversuit.

Prusiking back up to the swing-off into the Underground, I found a somewhat frustrated Dour, who had dropped his dangly bag - containing the Hiltis - down a pitch. He abbed down off one bolt, and I hauled up the dangly on the end of the rope and put in a proper Y-hang that we could safely prusik back up. Much fun was had with the next pitch, a funnel-shaped hole through boulders. Nial located a large but loose thread, and I put in a bolt for a Y-hang and a deviation off the other side. Unfortunately I put it in a bit close to the edge, making a very tough get-off. At this point we realised it was time to go. Took nearly 5 hours to get out; Nial + I surfaced at 1.20am, Dour somewhat later.

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    204 - Gaffered
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