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Fri 05 Aug 2005

The all-important List Of Things To Do included retagging the new KH entrances (161G + H). I vaugely remembered walking to 161G with Brian and Martin two years ago so it made sense to add my memory to that of the GPS.

Took a fairly circuitous route over the back of the Hinter, and eventually found 161G, with the help of a couple of cairns. The GPS put us within 10m of the entrance. Entrance was duly tagged. Then we attempted to find 161H. Got to where the GPS said it was, but it wasn't. Looked around a bit on various levels, bunde-bashed some, then gave it up as a bad job, not really knowing whether the entrance was (a) tagged or (b) what it looked like.

We ended up doing quite a lot of climbing to get up to a sensible level again. This time the GPS came up trumps and led us straight to 240. 240 is tagged as 240, and is where it should be according to AJ's GPS. The GPS took us to a hole I thought I recognised, for 2003-07. There were no markings of any sort, as far as we could see, but I may have a memory of sitting at the top of it whilst someone (Brian?) descended. So said candidate cave has been photoed and is on the Expo machine (usefulphotos/julia). It as deemed sensible to leave it unmarked, as it may or may not be 2003-07, and we wouldn't want two caves with the same number now would we? Skulle ønske at jeg skrev litt på norsk i løpet or Expo. [etc - I can't be arsed to transcribe this - DL].

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