204 - Razor Dance

Wed 30 Jul 2003
Anthony Day

Plan was for me and Frank to go pushing in Razor Dance (my last chance for a trip down there before going home). However, Frank had a trapped nerve in his back, so Dave got roped in too in case Frank had to jack. Dave and Frank went down so that Dave could bolt the pitch at the pushing front under supervision. I followed 1/2 hr later to find the y-hang almost rigged. Frank headed out at this point to test his fitness, whilst Dave put in a deviation and descended what turned out to be an 18m pitch. Dave inadvertently dunked the drill in a puddle at the bottom, and the battery promptly started discharging itself. Attempted to start surveying, but the clin was terminally fogged. Faced with the prospect of total gear failure, we went for a quick push. From the bottom of the pitch a rift heads off - similar dimensions to that higher up, but the rock is less catchy (have we moved into a different bed?) eventually reaching a pitch. By the time we got back to the bottom of the pitch the clino still wasn't working, so we dragged the rope and bolting gear off to the new pitch. There was enough life in the battery to get 3 bolts in for a descent of ~10m. Dave was freezing his nuts off by now, so I went on for a quick look at the next bit. More rift leads to a bit where the water goes down a very narrow bit. It might be possible to follow it, but it seems foolish given that there is a comfortably wide section higher up. I followed this to a widening - couldn't see round the corner but some rope will be required, either to descend to stream level or protect a bad steop if the traverse level continues.

With that we pottered sedately out. Thanks to Frank & Dave for accompanying me down Razor Dance when they would clearly rather have been somewhere else.

T/U Frank ?, Dave + Anthony 11hrs

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