204 - Survey down Unconformity + push in Rhino Rift

Wed 30 Jul 2003
Becka Lawson

Down to where Julian + Tony had finished their Unconformity survey yesterday. Julian put in a spit for the pitch/ramp/climp down below the [illegible] whilst I poked around. I found a tube they'd missed yesterday + crawled past a dead + partially calcited bat skeleton into a small chamber (which they'd been able to look into from another passage yesterday but they'd not been able to climb into). A clamber of ~2.5m up the far side got to a bridge overlooking a v. large pitch. This (or the chamber itself) was where I'd made a vocal connection to Julian when I'd gone up the passage higher up Unconformity which ended in sharp limestone + which Julian + Tony had rigged yesterday. We then went down the pitch Julian had put a spit in for. At the bottom was another pitch and, much more interesting, a possible horizontal lead from an easy traverse over the top of that pitch. Surveyed out + up the pitch + into the small chamber. In the small chamber I climbed up ~3m into the continuation of the bat calcited phreatic passage which soon became mud filled. Out, up the Deviated Pitch + along Rhino Rift to the pitch where Julian H + I had ended our survey on 23/07/03. I put in a spit + down on it + a dodgy natural + 6m + 8m of rope. Just made the floor. A mud crawl with little draft let to an uninteresting looking pitch. No time to survey so derigged the 8m to put back on the traverse above Deviated + showed Julian Swings + Roundabouts so he could take some more photos on the way out. Down the hill to showers + bread - oh, + inputted at least 750m survey.

T/U 7hrs

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