Loser Plateau - Surface wander

Thu 31 Jul 2003
Dave Loeffler

Walked to 204d. Pottered around a bit, took some photos; had a look at a small nearby cave which has a window to the 204d shakehole.

Mark had messaged up from base camp the bearing + distance from 204d to the position of the end of a passage he, Earl + Olly had found the previous day in On a Mission. This took us to a gully leading down to a huge choss bowl.

We split up + poked around a bit in the bowl. I found a small slot with a slight draft; Olly succeeded in wedgeing himself down it and reported that there was a pitch beyond with a 1 sec drop but he couldn't see beyond this as the light he had borrowed (mine) was too feeble.

This was eclipsed by Olly's discovery - a large entrance, choked after a few metres but with a slot on the right. The slot was low and blocked by pebbles; but a howling gale was emerging. Some moving of rock later Olly (the thinnest member of the party) forced himself in, reporting a walking size passage beyond, which was not explored due to lack of time + gear. Based on the strength of the draft Earl offered to stake a crate of Gösser it would connect to 204.

T/U Not very much

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