Cave 2002-04 - 2004-04 = Tröpfelnhöhle (Dripping Cave)

Tue 29 Jul 2003
Julia Day

Did a surface survey to link 204C tag bolt in, then went to survey Tröpfelnhöhle (so called because the surveyors got thoroughly dirpped on in their dry (ha!) grots). Chucked a ladder down it, this was just long enough to get down the 4m pitch at the bottom, there are a couple of small passages off the bottom of this pitch which are full of rocks. That's it really.

[In different colour pen and noticeably less legible]There might be giants, or worse!

I should do more caving, caving is nice, but I never quite get round to it. I want to go to Hauchhöhle and nobody else does everybody likes pitches.

T/U ??

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