204 - Razordance

Fri 25 Jul 2003
Mark Shinwell

Mark + Dave went to the bottom of Steady Now to start surveying the passage drom the previous trip. Dour followed, to bolt The Mash Tun - an 8m pitch after the God Loves A Drunk chamber. Took Dour a while to bolt it, so the surveyors caught up with him. Descended Mash Tun to land in a pool, leading to a much wider (2-3m) canyon. Very soon the head of the next pitch, Copper Pitch, is reached - looks like a fine shaft of 20-30m. [Footnote: Actually 17m 60cm - Mark.] Rift bends around to the left after the pitch, still looks 3m or more wide. Distinct change in the character of the cave. Drill battery failed afer 1 1/2 holes on the Y-hang so we went home. Took about 4 hours to get out.

T/U 10-12hrs approx

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