204 - Rhino Rift Fester

Sat 02 Aug 2003
Becka Lawson

Me down 204E with Frank + showed him Treeumphant + Swings + Roundabouts on a quick tourist then Earl + Dave caught up with us at the Taking the Piss / Deviated pitches. To the chamber at the end of On a Mission + continued Mark + Earl's survey in What No Butcombe through various loops. [footnote: Notes for this are in file #24 but not yet drawn up as I am going home tomorrow and THE FUCKING BLOODY PRINTER ISN'T WORKING so I don't have a centreline - DL]. I showed Dave the way out whilst Frank + Earl finished surveying. We then derigged everything at the end + Frank headed out. Earl + I then went down Unconformity. Earl snooted at Julian + my rigging then put in one measly bolt with his drill to get across the traverse at the bottom of our last pitch. Pitch itself q. short, only ~10m, but this is only a ledge + the pitch continues. Over the traverse is another 20 or 30m horizontal with holes in the floor + possible QMs up. Needs surveying but we had to get out as our time was up.

T/U Dave ?6, Frank ?8, Becka + Earl 10.

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