Loser Plateau - Finding tent spaces + surface wandering

Thu 24 Jul 2003
Julia Day

Anthony was buggered following his nails 'ard trip down Razordance the previous day. So we festered for some time. At 2pm we were just going to leave and so something useful when some folk arrived. ARGE were doing a long weekend of prospecting and rekkying (almost certainly not spelt like that) [indeed not - editor] something further up. Spent some time with them looking for tent spaces, then headed for a hole spotted last year near 204c which turned out to be tagged 2002-04. Martin had kindly compiled a list of all known caves in the area, 2002-04 was nowhere to be found. I put a tag in at the pitch head and rigged a ladder. The pitch is v.short, only 5 metres or so. Down a slippery climb, the whole passage curves round to the left (it's about 3 metres high, wiht rocks wedged in at various levels) then stops, a tiny bit of a crawl starts but isn't even a Wook lead. To the right is a pitch climb of maybe 4/5 m which I didn't drop as Dour had run away. (It was raining Ahhh...) Doesn't look very inspiring, but a crawl at the bottom might carry on. Collected Dour and we did a surface survey back to 204C. At the moment I've no idea where 2002-04 is, because 204C has never been linked into the data-set - will go back and do an underground survey at some point. Treading on bees doesn't help when you're intending to walk up the hill.

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