204 - Survey Rhino Rift from Dutch Beauty

Fri 25 Jul 2003
Becka Lawson

Off to survey Earl's link to the end of the 21 Bolt Travese of Gaffered. Having squeezed through, discovered there was much more cave than Earl had described - yahoo! Julian disappeared off for some time + came back very excited. First surveyed up to link to 21 Bolt Traverse with Julian doing the squeeze through the dodgy boulders onto the loose boulder pile perched on top of Gaffer's 70m pitch. He'd missed seeing the passage we'd emerged from from the other direction when I asked him about it yesterday, because Earl had popped out of a tube just below it which Julian thought was what I'd seen. We then continued surveying Rhino Rift until we ran out of time. This was supposed to be Julian's las caving trip before he went home but he decided he'd have to come back tomorrow...

T/U 10hrs

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