204 - Kiwi Suit rigging

Sat 19 Jul 2003
Mark Shinwell

Abbed down to bottom of Ariston and followed crawl to head of Kiwi Suit. Proceeded to watch Dour shit his pants over the head of the 54m. Two bomber naturals ensured a safe descent. Into a nice stream canyon, down the next short pitch to the top of the 20m. Rope (101m, or so it said) didn't reach the bottom, even though the traverse and backups at the thead of the 54m had been rigged on another rope. We resolved to bring more rope and went home. Met Haines and co. at the bottom of Wolpertinger, at the end of their tour of 204. Prussiked out and went down the hill. Drank Gösser.

T/U 6 1/2 hrs

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