204 - 204E to Helter Skelter

Sun 20 Jul 2003
Becka Lawson

Walked up hill + Julian+Earl doing traverse at Gaffered to the Walls so thought we'd rig down Gaffered + be sociable. Obviously we didn't think too hard about it as when we got there they were lobbing endless rocks off their ledge. Rigging Gaffered not an option. Watched them a moment + adminred the long drop into space then retreated to QMs back nearer 204E. First went up Crowning Glory to end to QM 2001-10A. andclimb rope left from 2001 up then rigged down (like I did on yesterday's trip). Pit at bottom of this pitch blind. Walked up boulder slope on the other side of pitch + gardeded the next drop then Martin down on rest of rope from first pitch with a tackle sack rope protector. To left was rift with aven (went 3m). In LH wall, 2m up, small crawl (QM C). Straight on, rift continued down moderate pitch (QM B) + above passage continued (QM B) which could be reached by bolting up ~3m. Then went down Helter Skelter to far end. We moved boulders + stacked them up for some time until could finally get under the low wall at end. It went right, under another low squeeze, + then opened into a small pitch which Martin descended on naturals ~8m. 2m slot in floor. Pitch blind + drippy (got wet when we surveyed it the next day + it rained on the surface). Came back up Helter Skelter slowly looking at QMs. Martin found QM 2001-14B, a sandy crawl with a draft + pushed it into new stuff. Yahoo (embarrasing we didn't spot it in the original 2001 survey though). Looked at lots until time to go home. Met Earl + Julian back at the 204E rope + exited together. Good trip.

T/U 6 hours

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