204 - 204 tourist trip

Sat 19 Jul 2003
Becka Lawson

Tourist trip, courtesy of Earl, to show Julian the highlights of 204. Walked over to 204D + rigged in - q. lot of snow. Julian did the climb up - we should leave the 8m rope on this. Down into Swings + Roundabouts. Took 2 tacklesacks of rope to head of Gaffered to the Walls for rigging. Up Treeumphant Passage, poking around various holes. Looked at bottom of 204E then Earl + I went to bottom of Helter Skelter. Earl reckoned the climb up would lik to the climb he did at the far N end of Swings + Roundabouts. I moved some boulders from the bottom of Helter Skelter, I reckon I could get through the gap (especially given a lump hammer) with a nice draught through it + tube (q. big) beyond - should be pushed through. Back + looked at 01-10A - rope still on the up-climb (C4) + 2 hangers left from pitch down but our rope not long enough. Since so easy to access this from 204E this should be looked at again. Through short cut (v. easy, recommended) back into Treeumphant + up to Cave Tree Chamber. Found a tacklesack crabbed to the bottom of (still-rigged) traverse, complete with short rope + 4 slings. Presumably been there 2 years, oops. Took it out with us. Back + out via No Pain No Gain (looking into Pleasure Dome from start) + then down to Millennium Dome (looking in from top) + to initial part of Merry Fucking Christmas until climb down. Then saw Mark + Anthony coming up + offering a lift down the hill, sorted. Everybody out 204A. Fun trip.

T/U 7hrs

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