Loser Plateau - Surface wander

Tue 22 Jul 2003
Dave Loeffler

Returned to holes 'up North' minus Becka but plus gear: rigged one hole down pitch (see sketch) + tagged that as 2003/03.

Julian's other entrance, tagged as 2003/04, is a small down-sloping crawl in the western side of a depression visible from the stone bridge. (At the south end of the depression is a short tunnel leading out onto the hillside, the other end of which is clearly visible from 204). Anyway this gives access to some bouldery phreatic passage perhaps 5m wide + high heading westwards [actually it was northwards, as we found when we surveyed the thing some while later] which is choked after perhaps 30-50m (we should really return + survey it, alhtough it has no obvious leads left to push).

T/U ?? [must have been about 1 hour]

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