204 - Razordance rigging (+ pushing a bit)

Wed 23 Jul 2003
Dave Loeffler

Rigged [Julia's handwriting in margin: No you didn't, Anthony did ] bottom two pitches of Kiwi Suit and commenced the merry task of hauling a huge tackle sack containing our 200m pushing rope through Razordance itself. Dour bolted Steady Now, the pitch at the old pushing front (Duncs descended it last year on the rope from the previous pitch, which must have been rather damp). This gave access to some more rift and another wet climb (rigged as a pitch). An awkward climb up through some boulders leads to a sizeable chamber (originally named The Brewhouse, now renamed God Loves a Drunk). Another pitch was visible around the corner, provisionally named The Mash Tun; rather than bolt this we turned around and slogged out, eventually emerging at intervals of about an hour with the last man (Dour) emerging at about 3.30 am. (We must all be nuts!)

T/U Mark 12h, Dave 13h, Dour 14h

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    204 - Razordance rigging (+ pushing a bit)
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