Base Camp - Dachstein

Tue 15 Aug 2000
Becka Lawson

T/U 0 hrs

Up 6 am, took just under 90 min to drive past Schladming (go the Bad Mitterndorf direction) to the Dachsteinsudseilbahn. It starts 8 am, last one down 17:50. Pay O$20/per person to get up the toll road to the cable car then O$265 for return cable car (or~O$160 for single fare) which basically gets you to the top of the hill, only ~300m vertical off the Hohe Dachstein peak.

[sketch map to scan]

Route up to Hohe Dachstein (1) was full of people, many roped. First section you can use cows tails but the upper section is q. exposed freeclimbing or you could rope up (we didn't + I'm not sure it would help if you fall). The route off the back side of the peak (2) was far less busy + easier, all protected using cows tails, ditto (3) the route over a rock ridge from the 'back' to the front glacier (the one you can see from Loser). Earl + I then went up (4) a final klettersteig off from the cable car up to a helipad + weather station. We were at the top at 9am, back from (1), (2), (3) at the cable car by 2pm (v. leisurely, hour for lunch etc.) + then a faster stomp up (4) + back took 2 more hours. We didn't need crampons at all or ice axes (not necessarily true other times of year etc.) but used harnesses + cowstails a lot. Beware loose rock, especially when there are gangs of people above you (1) + its easy to avoid the crowds which are all between the cable car and (1). Damn good day out + much more fun than doing it properly (ie. from the bottom). Be crap in bad weather though.

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