204 - Steinbrückenhöhle - final trip

Wed 16 Aug 2000
Martin Green

Down to 110-a-day to survey the other [see (2)] (right, as opposed to straight on) big passage - which petered out q. soon + ended in lots of small drafting QMs. Then took another look along the stuff they'd surveyed yesterday + which we found on the 14th - several damn fine QMs. (We surveyed to a drafting aven with a nasty tight rift in the floor - but draft elsewhere) Then started a survey [see (1)] from the initial chamber to a pitch I'd found on 14th but only had time to survey part way along. Packed up + ran home. I derigged to entrance pitches, inconveniently one tackle sack short of making life easy so struggled up the entrance with 100m stuffed into the one sack and a load of loose rope clutched in my hand. Out to hot sunshine. Stomped down the hill to join in the striking Top Camp mélee, so still trudging along with a big pack at 10pm but the job was _DONE._

(2) Survey down nice passage, the floor is decorated, NEEDS TAPING

[large sketch of bit surveyed - still to scan]

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    204 - Steinbrückenhöhle - final trip