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underground survey length: 81.46 metres
parent survex file caves-1623/204/204.svx for this cave
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2000-08-15 ['nopainnogain'] Survex files on this date:
Wallets on this date:
    2000#40 ['notes6', 'notes2', 'notes1', 'notes4', 'notes7', 'notes5', 'notes9', 'notes3'…
    2000#43 ['notes6', 'notes16', 'notes2', 'notes13', 'notes10', 'notes1', 'notes15', 'not…
    2000#44 ['notes6', 'notes2', 'notes1', 'notes4', 'plan', 'notes7', 'elev', 'notes5', 'n…
Logbook trips on this date:
    Base Camp - Dachstein
    204 - Steinbrückenhöhle
    Loser Plateau - Surface tour to show Thilo entrances for Nils to GPS fix