40 - Eishöhle: MI pushing

Fri 11 Aug 2000

Back to try again down splendid stonking cave.

En-route tagged 145b, Surface survey connected 163tag to old 163 station which had just come out of the snow. Had a quick poke down these to confirm that draughting - but blocked. Blocked ent. on path to Eishöhle (from VD1) is skylight in 163. Also swapped 'WOOK6' tag to correct cave (previously designated 'WK5' on this expo, incorrectly) and put 'WK5' tag on correct cave.

In Eishöhle, took another 60m & 30m of rope & had a fun time bolting down ~60m pitch in 3 steps. Very excited at bottom as Andy shouted 'I think I know where we are'. Then somewhat irritated as we realised we had arrived down one of the big avens at the bottom. Bum.

So went & poked down streamway - Wook getting slightly further than previous push but not enjoying it much ! Definitely a C-lead, but draughting nicely.

Also shinned up into a bit Bob had found which ended in a small tunnel with a big draught, unfortunately partially blocked by choss. Stuffing Wook in made more draught come the other way, so went down tight rift & dug a bit more out to finally reach a small chamber with draught coming out of 3" slot.

Did a proper survey of start of streamway & grade 2 of streamway & other bit. Then surveyed & derigged back up pitches, noting that traverse across top of bottom chamber was easy but no time left. (Canyon on 205°)

Dragged the 3 baggies out between us, then slogged back, Wook carrying gear, to reach tatty hut about Midnight:15.

(P.S. left 30m rope on traverse + 4 twists & 1 ring).

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