204 - Steinbrückenhöhle

Fri 11 Aug 2000
Becka Lawson

Down with 'Mike the Kiwi' I was left a stone arrow to follow to get from the end of Ariston to the start of the new series. All nice, big well-rigged shafts, luverly. Started surveying down the 50m, then a 20m and a 10m then Mike rigged a 47m or so off a natural and a bolt with a wee deviation + we were _down._ Survey finished here but, sadly, the cave did not. Off it went in tight, scrapy stream rift meanders, heading down for at least 50m. Sod that. Sidled on out with one tacklesack. Slowly. _And_ got a lift down from the Loser to Bergrestaurant, courtesy of Mick the _hero,_ so here supping _Bier_ at last!

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