40 - Eishöhle

Wed 02 Aug 2000

Back to POV. On way in Fay stuffed herself down 1999-40-06, which I had previously declared too tight. Climbing down onto a shelf leads to a short pitch (10m?) into quite a large space, but it doesn't draught, and she had to take her gear off to get back out. So better put it back on QM list.

Then went to top of Eiscream & dropped 1999-04, 08, 09 (actually the same QM). This went down about 15m in narrow canyon that got too tight near the bottom. Water can be heard at one end, but not seen. Did a quick drawing, derigged & left. Fay got to spend ages stuffing 30m of PMI into a tacklesack - ridiculous stuff - but good for dropping pitches with no rigging worth mentioning.

Next went up at 1st junction in North Utsira, alleged not to go last year by both Becka & Simon Flower, but found by Andy last trip to go significantly. This is where most of the wind in N.U. is coming from.

Surveyed to the chamber where lots of passages join, but ran out of time to do more. Slogged out with all the gear. After we got changed it started raining as it went dark, the thunder & lightning getting closer. The walk back turning into an extremely miserable experience slogging through the driving rain surrounded by lightning flashes. Got turned around in the gulley up to 163 (very confusing place in crap weather) but worked it out after a bit of wandering. Found that waterproof wasn't & got soaked to the skin & very cold. Fay was knackered so it took 1½ hrs back to TC. Couldn't find start of upper route near VD1 it was so shit, so used Wook alternative instead, which fortunately went OK. I haven't had such a thoroughly miserable experience for years - getting into a warm pit & having noodles brought by Fay was glorious. Bloody rain even had the gall to stop 10 mins after we got back!

P.S. Couple of ropes left rigged: backup for 'Hooked on Classics' - 10m & c 18 afterwards (~15m + hanger (twist IIRC))

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