40 - Eishöhle - Mission Impossible

Wed 02 Aug 2000
Olly Betts

Went up from base camp so didn't have a chance to get any survey instruments. Wookey had a set, but wanted to survey + derig POV so just took my pocket compass. Added a couple of deviations to big pitch to avoid rubs - not enough rope for anything else. Poked around chamber at bottom. Crawl off other side leads to a small chamber - very soily. Draught can be felt on entry, but unclear where it comes from. Bob found way down into stream canyon from 1st chamber which has a few avens and an on-going awkward serpentine stream canyon. Nothing conclusive but at least we have some leads. Did pocket compass + pace / body length survey and left before FX5 ran out. T/U 7 hours.

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