40 - Eishöhle - POV

Mon 31 Jul 2000

Slogged with gear over to 40. Bumped into Mark S, Olly, Dave H party going down. Slow start due to waiting for it to stop raining meant we went underground at about 2:45. In lovely new Eistunnel entrance - great fun. Went in with 100m rope + various bits to improve rigging. Fettled Up, Up, & put handlines on Angle of Dangle climb. Fay went down 40-03 and found it went down about 6m to where it split into 2 too-tight passages. Bob went up 40-04 - climbed about 8m up to where it was entirely choked. Went down pitches, fettling rigging a bit & bolted tight QM at bottom 40-10. Fay went down hole to drop 8m to next level. Wook followed. Andy A tried but had a bit of an epic, got stuck for a while. Meanwhile Wook went down tight slot another 5m to next level where rift was hamster-sized along entire length, so that was that ! Others above relieved to hear they didn't need to come down. Wook struggled back out of bottom slot & then both escaped, Andy A derigging to top of Eiscream where we checked 40-... which goes to a pitch, so left gear for next time. Actually, left in Bob's sack - oops! Out in 2 hours so now rather late for call-out, so Wook & Andy came back via col whilst Fay & Bob went via their gear @ 40a & the Stogerweg. W & A were back faster than they expected in 50 mins, at 11.30, the others got somewhat lost & rolled back in at 2:30 am.

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