40 - Eishöle

Tue 01 Aug 2000
Dave Horsley

Olly to continue rigging the pitch series down from the ice climb, Dave H & Mark to survey it, Mark not very enthusiastic.

_Olly_: Rigged 90m rope down 25m pitch down side of big icicle, then down ice ramp. No idea whats to come, or how many holes the drill will do, so just one bolt + 3 naturals. Bottom of ramp leads to icy pool which narrows to an unpleasant crux ("Francohydrophobia") which appears to be where the french turned back. Given the draught (which blows ripples in the pool) and the knowledge that 136 lay not far away I forced my way through, then along a short crawl with gloopy sediment floor to a rifty pitch with 2½+ second drop. Back through pool to get 56m rope, then mimimal rigging down pitch to choked bottom. Back up, through window and down to just about reach floor with available rope. Crawl leads to large aven-ed chamber. Out of time so returned to find concerned Dave on ice ramp pitch.

[a page or so of rigging guide for Regurgitation not yet scanned]

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