161 - 161D Regurgitation III

Tue 01 Aug 2000
Julian Todd


BECKA: No date given for this trip in the digital log book - have given it the date after the last trip to Regurgitation since I went caving elsewhere on the 2nd and 3rd

Someone brought a club light up for me so I could cave without light failure for once, which would be good with only two of us. We had to be careful to not spook each other all alone miles away from where anyone else was caving without any proper cavers (eg. Wookey) around to dispell the irrational fear. I'd had nightmares about 'Suspender' [see note in previous write-up - Webeditor]. The trip went without incident save for rigging the next pitch (the one I'd put 2 bolts in for yesterday) with a too short rope at first. This required a deviation to get out of the water and a rebelay from a ledge. The rock was all bright and crunchy sharp like flapjack - exactly the sort of cave I hate because its the kind which stonks right down to 500m without doing anything interesting.

Next "pitch" was a sling hang off a boulder down 3m. Then the next pitch rigged as a Y-hang from 2 bolts on the same wall. It was cold and wet. The series could be called 'Irrigation'. Splashed along the stream a couple of metres till it went through the floor again and we reached a window into a vast aven and pitch with more water coming from the right and the space continuing to the left. Now out of rope so we surveyed out and derigged to the entrance thinking that no-one would be interested enough to come back this year.

Survey first leg unreadable, the deepest leg of a miserable survey.

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