161 - Fuzzy logic - pushing the realms of uncertainty

Fri 31 Jul 1998
Brian Outram

"twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the borogrove" Meanwhile, Phil & Brian went caving. Armed with a trusty drill battery, we set off in pursuit of the beautiful pitch and the train-tunnel passage straight to top camp. What actually happened was that Brian rigged the third pitch, whilst Phil rigged the other two pitches with the 85m rope. The third pitch leads to two parallel shafts, one wet & becoming too tight, the other dry, with several ways on. There is a passage coming into the shaft half way down. This has two ways on after 10m - one looked tight (grade C, Wookey job), the other a twisty phreatic crawl that leads to a small chamber with small leads top and bottom ( grade A Mendip, grade C Austria). Back to the pitch. This lands on a mud floor, and quickly leads to a short pitch rigged off naturals. This lands on a ledge overlooking a stream passage with a shallow pool of water. At this point the drill gave up (3 spits drilled), so we left towards the surface. On our way from Knossos through Triassic Park, there were lots of drippy noises, and much activity at the Overflow. When we reached the surface do you think we found:-

a) Clear skies, with a beautiful half-moon?
b) Clag & drizzle?
c) Torrential downpour?

Oddly enough it was a). Very confused, we made our weary way back to top camp, pausing only to fall over.

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    161 - Fuzzy logic - pushing the realms of uncertainty