161 - SEP - Derig

Tue 28 Jul 1998
Brian Outram

TU 12

Previous trip had left two tacklesacks dangling half way up Midnight in Moscow followig an abortive hauling attempt. To avoid lowering the bags to the floor, descending + then prussiking 5m with 2 bags, the rope had been re-rigged to leave the bags in mid-pitch. The big question was whether it would be possible to ab down a rope with the weight of 2 bags on it.....

Fortunately it was OK. Dan & I derigged to the top of SEP while Brian did some bolting down Fuzzy Logic. SEP is still too big.

Headed out with a bag apiece after leaving the 85m rope at Fuzzy Logic for later use. At Knossos I started to feel a bit odd (Less well co-ordinated than usual, staggering, falling over, etc) this got worse as I went along Triassic. The entrance series was hell, and Slidy Caver a total git. Spent about 5 minutes between Mothshag and the surface, sat looking at the small pit in the passage floor, wondering how I was going to get across. Eventually reached the surface + lay dead just outside the entrance.

Danielle said she'd piss on me if I didn't move. I wasn't in the mood, so I rolled over out of the way, ending up face down in some nettles but too knackered to care. Got changed and set off slowly towards top camp. had to keep stopping (thought I was going to throw up). A good trip.

xxx dunk

PS to myself. Remember to eat more next time. That way you don't run out of sugars.

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