Loser Plateau - Random stumblings

Tue 28 Jul 1998
Phil Underwood

Dithered at top camp for quite a while. Hoiked a shed-load of radio-gear + 100m rope down to car park. returned to Eishöhle entrance & gobbed in it. Collected all remaining shite, and hoiked it to the path to 161d. Returned to car park.

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    1999#23 ["156tagconn NW side of VSMK, laser point 0/1 to 201 tag bolt(s)", "138 to 135 via 136"] ['notes6', '1999#surface138to136to135and156connection', 'notes2', 'notes1', 'LI…
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    Loser Plateau - Random stumblings
    161 - SEP - Derig