161 - Fuzzy Logic

Sat 01 Aug 1998
Danielle Gemenis

After Brian and Phil's efforts we had a further small pitch to rig in what they described as "terminal" looking cave - was that a medical term that Phil has learnt this year?

Routine trip down to point of exploration. Then down a short (~10m) drop on natural anchors to a floor, cave went horizontal at this point with 2 main rifts leading off. The routes down through tight rift passage blocked with black mud. An old muddy streamway can be followed up ~80m till it chokes. In the other direction there is ~100m of tight rift passage (small caver size) heading upwards at 45° angle. Rift passage that is tight and echoing requiring small cavers and some perseverance. May lead to more open passage, for survey reference.) After thrutching around in tight horrible passage for a few hours - we went home. Survey of passage horizontal shows it to be at the same level as the tight section below SEP. given that this is known to be a short band (~10m) it may be worth looking at these tight rifts to break through into larger stuff below.

sketch plan

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    161 - Fuzzy Logic