161 - Derig from Fuzzy Logic to Knossos

Tue 04 Aug 1998
Brian Outram

Danielle, Duncan, Phil U and Brian derigged from Fuzzy Logic to Knossos, but no write up in log. Info below from Duncan and Phil, 1998-11-04]

Duncan> I seem to remember the final trip as being a survey trip for all the new stuff in Fuzzy Logic, and then a derig back out. I teamed up with Brian for the surveying, and we surveyed from the northern end of 'Clear as Mud' back to the foot of the Fuzzy Logic pitches, and then continued surveying along to the southern end of 'Psycho Street'. Meanwhile, Phil & Danielle surveyed down the Fuzzy Logic pitches and then surveyed most of Bear Bum passage, which branches off from Psycho Street. We all met up at the foot of the pitches, and Danielle and I set off first, and waited at the top while Phil & Brian derigged the pitches. Phil & Brian then set off with a load of rope, and Myself & Danielle began derigging as we followed them out.

Phil> This is pretty accurate, although it might be worth mentioning that the data for the Fuzzy Logic pitches were put on the back of a pack of batteries. This was mostly because I'd dropped the survey book down a very small, but quite deep hole at the start of the survey. Mutter. Fortunately, we found another survey book half-way down the pitches. The actual drawings were done on the back of a fudge wrapper at first, and then transcribed.

Duncan> Brian and I went underground first, and Brian & Phil re-emerged first. I think my TU was probably about 17h30m or so, with Danielle next with about 0h30m less, then Brian with about 1h00m less, and Phil with about 1h30m less than me.

My abiding memory is of setting off along Triassic feeling pretty shagged, and then finding another tacklesack of rope (with only one handle and no dick) at Locophobia, and then finding yet another tacklesack's worth (and a very knackered tacklesack to pack it in) of assorted crap at the Guillotine.

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