Loser Plateau

Wed 15 Jul 1998
Tim Vasby

Walked from Bergrestaurant to Top Camp with ambitious plans to go caving, but after fettling the radio, decided we couldn't be bothered, so went to tag the caves found on the 12th. After Sean's GPS got us completely misplaced, we ended up on the top of the Schwarzmooskogel.

50m down from the summit was a large rift we looked at. Andy, Earl & Sean wandered off and found some bits and pieces worth looking at again when we have a bolting kit. My foot hurt too much so I stayed near the rucksacks. The sound of dripping attracted me to a small hole which Sean descended (using rope + naturals). Then we went down to find Wadders tagging Tumbling Boulder Hole, and after a few more tags returned to camp.

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