Loser Plateau - Rounding up old caves

Sun 12 Jul 1998
Andy Waddington

Set off to add tags to various old caves. Someone has put bolts into the spits at B8 and B11 so tightly that you can't get them out without a spanner - grrr ! So GPS'ed and moved on. Intended to tag Lost Rucksack Hole CUCC 1993-01 but remarkably enough, I came across the almost imperceptible marking "101A" - last seen in 1977. Hastily scrambled up and found the top entrance 101. Driled out and put in a stud for a tag, then bolted on a red reflector (cut up road sign). Soon found 103, whose number was far less faded. Put a stud in here too, then searched very hard for 102 - to no avail. GPS'ed all finds and wandered back.

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