Loser Plateau - Prospecting around Schwarzmooskogel

Sun 12 Jul 1998
Kate Janossy

Went to investigate 2 shafts found on our short detour along the newly-cairned tourist path to the top of the hill.

Brian descended a shaft next to a cairn on the tourist path near where it leaves our path - see later.

The second shaft turned out to be 156. Another short shaft nearby was climbed down + a hole in the bottom was found to end soon in a boulder choke.

Uphill from 156, a cave was found which turned out later to be tumbling boulder cave (unmarked). About ½ way down, a crawl through boulders to the right leads to bouldery passage at the end of which shouting can be heard from the next hole along to the right from tumbling boulder cave.

From the main cave, a short climb left into rift connects with a small hole uphill and left from TBC, and goes no further. See survey book for sketches and locates.

Lots of pottering around the plateau investigating holes happened. Brian found a shaft. Need to go back + mark + GPS locate caves. K, E, T - ½

Brian's bit:

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