161 - Team diuresis push Midnight in Moscow

Wed 15 Jul 1998
Duncan Collis

Went to bolt New Big Pitch below SEP.

Turns out to be about 50m (but not yet surveyed). Spent half the trip busting for a piss. Got really cold while Steve bolted & descended this pitch. So much so that I lost control of my bladder and involuntarily pissed myself. Never really recovered from this. Shaft descends with big shells in the walls, put 2 deviations (1st one very tenuous), and then bells out massively into chamber ~25m diameter, with shaft continuing sensible-size through the floor.

Pitch lands on boulder-choke floor. Way on is a ~10m pitch, then a crawl and further ~4m pitch to a dried sump pool (we thought). However, there are two ways on from this point, one leads to an aven, the other proceeding to a series of climbs down, eventually coming to one requiring rope (which we didn't have).

Possibility of ways on from the large chamber in M.I.M. but we were too knackered to look.


I'm off to have a piss before I wet myself.

X X X Dunk

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