Loser Plateau - Rounding up old caves

Thu 16 Jul 1998
Andy Waddington

Took a spanner this time and tagged B11 and B8. Then started a frustratingly slow solo surface survey from B8 towards 101 and 103. Had to break off several times to go and search out the route. What was clearly marked with (non-CUCC) bright orange paint a couple of years ago is now unmarked - very short-lived paint. Eventually reached 103 and tagged it, then 101 and tagged that. 565m of survey, and starting to look like rain. Searched a while for 102 but only found it when the rain started - not quite where it is supposed to be and only visible by a lightening of the lichen where the number "102" used to be - shown up only when wet. Started to tag it in now increasing rain, but drill battery ran out after half a hole. Ran home - all my top camp warm clothes now wet, so went to base.

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