161 - Interview Blues

Sun 28 Jul 1996
Nick Proctor

Looking at the second lead down IB, under Minoan Surprise. Having decided that the 1st hole (the one directly under MS) was too chossy, we were bolting the 2nd hole, which involved a loose traverse. Brian & Craig went down, whilst I rigged off some boulders so I could dangle over the edge of the big hole in MS and produce a 'plumb' for the survey. This was connected into the Triassic Park survey by a leg 'from the end of Nick's hand.' By the time I joined Craig and Brian, Brian had reached the bottom of the pitch, which turned out to be Bottomless Pit of Eternal Chaos (of course). So we surveyed and derigged out. As we got to the bottom of pitch 4, everything went ROAR! It was raining upstairs and all the water was going down Dave & Becka's pitch next door. We had intended to survey and derig this as well, but thought it a bit wet. Brian played cowboy and lassooed a spike to get through the eyehole into D&B's pitch and confirmed that their rope would be a little damp to ascend, hence we went back up IB and left.

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