161 - Surveying down the tight bit beyond the hymen

Sun 28 Jul 1996
Duncan Collis

Having hammered out our own bit of cave, we thought we'd best go survey it.

Started at Alt. Uni. end of things. Did a couple of connecting legs, all went well up until beginning of actual crawl. Problem was, it was too narrow to easily pass each other or turn round in, so I set of crawling backwards with compass + clino while Steve followed with tape. There is a ~6 inch wide gap in the floor, where things dropped down it go rattle rattle rattle........ boom bang rattle. This is disconcerting.

Cunningly got eyepiece of clino bunged up with mud after a few legs, and spent half an hour licking it out. Then the compass fogged up. Then my carbide fucked up and the crawl went uphill. Then we said 'FUCK THIS' and went to retrieve our string gear from the other end of the crawl. Then we had the choice between going back through the crawl and going up a pitch (~5m). Couldn't immediately be arsed to do either, so we sat and ate loads of toffee & fudge, and pissed around looking at some holes we hadn't noticed before. None of these went very far so we came back to the bottom of the big aven (Zebedee) in Dr Snuggles. Water was pissing down this so we guessed it must be raining on the surface and therefore not time to come out of the cave, so we bashed a bolt in above a small pitch in our crawl which went nowhere. Then we were bored, cold and pissed off, so we came back out, retrieved our clothes from Mothshag, where we had got changed (it was shit) and fucked off.

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