161 - IB, where else?

Mon 29 Jul 1996
Nick Proctor

Having eliminated the nicer lead, it was time to go deep again, and we managed to convince Craig to come with us. Brian went ahead to rig the 9th pitch, whilst Craig & I surveyed from the bottom of the 7th. At the crossroads, I decided to have another look at the lead pronounced 'probably too tight' by myself and Becka. A bit of thrutching and I was through into more scrotty rift, a chamber with a very brave (and very dead) bat and another pitch. Hence 'Early Retirement' was named. So we surveyed back to the crossroads, then through the abysmal rift, down the 8th and through more shite rift (1 ½ metre survey legs) to the top of the 9th. Here we met Brian, who had rigged the 9th with a knot pass, bolted the 10th pitch and then discovered it was deep and no way was the 20m rope going to reach. So rather than face another knot pass he came out. Team survey were cold by this time, so we left. Brian & Craig 9 ½ hrs

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    161 - IB, where else?
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