161 - 161d

Sun 28 Jul 1996
Paul Hammond

Festered at both top-camp and the entrance for a good 2hrs, then reluctantly went underground hoping Anthony's "good" lead would close down after 10 yards. We met Ralph (who came in 161e) the wrong side of a rift without his string gear and then went to Roast Beef, a sub-district of Puerile Humour. After a short crawl we came out in a rift. Ralph climbed up 25m and found some leads which need rigging, Anthony found an impressive ice stal and climbed up the large aven above it which I followed a scrotty looking lead. Fortunately I emerged in a large rift running right-left, one end was nearly blocked by a large ice formation with a large chamber the other side of it. Both passages from there eventually choke but there are good ice pretties. It'd near the surface but we couldn't find another entrance.

"Oh dear" we said "We appear to have found some cave - that'll need surveying!" After 150m however we were freezing and pissed off out of 161e.

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