161 - Iceland Survey

Wed 31 Jul 1996
Anthony Day

After returning with tales of lots of pretty ice near 161e, there was a queue of people clammering to survey it (not surprising when the other available options were derigging Interview Blues or carrying spent carbide down the hill.) Found 161e at the first attempt (Craig and Paul spent 4 hours wandering round the hill in caving gear the day before without finding it.) Wooks climbed up the aven in Crystal Maze getting about as far as me before deciding it was a bit vertical and giving up. It may be free climbable (though exposed) but definitely needs a rope to get down - worth a look next year as there's a big space at the top and lots of wind going up it. Paul and Anthony then surveyed out from the end of the phreatic which leads out of Iceland chamber whilst Wookey & Julian surveyed in through the bit that's full of ice and blowing a gale (ie fucking freezing.) The wind appears to disappear up the aven at Iceland as well as the aven in Crystal Maze. Hopefully we'll get some pictures of the ice. Also took a picture of surveyors in action (thrilling stuff) before exiting KH for the last time in '96. 12 trips, 10 surveys (7 as picture drawer), 1 bolt pretty much sums up my expo. Obviously I'll have to find somewhere nicer to go next Summer. You'll not catch me down that miserable hole in the ground ever again. And pigs will fly....

Previous trip / Puerile Humour derig (1996 last trip)

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