161 - Interview Blues

Tue 23 Jul 1996
Nick Proctor

Decided to look at the other lead in Interview Blues (after the fourth pitch) since it would be much nicer than the other lead, would be a shorter trip, and was garaunteed not to have any trees in it. Pottered down, dodging rocks thrown down by Becka & Dave on the traverse across the 1st pitch, whilst Brian returned to the surface to collect the survey book. Helen bolted whilst Brian and myself surveyed along. I was putting in the pitch head bolt when a voice said hello. This was Sam, some 40m above. "Where are you?" "Minoan Surprise" came the reply. We had popped out about 2/3 of the way down the big hole (the one just before Anthony's BPEC, and the connection to knossus).

A 10m pitch, with a rub, of course, leads to a ledge. There is another 25m to the floor (I think its a blind shaft though) but a traverse around the side leads to another large shaft of similar dimensions (probably 6x6m). We (Brian & me) are fairly certain this isn't BPEC, but it must be fairly close (3 parallel shafts?)

Pottered out, shouting at Sam & Dave, who had gone down a pitch after their traverse and were about to go into the fifth pitch of IB. Lots of Brownie Points to Sam for the red & white tape. Brian ? hrs

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