161 - Caving in 161d

Fri 05 Jul 1996
Helen Twelftree

I get a caving trip! Some faffing and a walk with stupidly heavy rucksacs. All apart from Antony and Nick who obviously carried rucksacs lightly filled with feathers, weighing nothing at all. Or maybe not. Still, it slowed the buggers down and got them out of breath.

Obvious problem with 161d (apart from getting there) is the lack of shade while changing. Luckily there is a howling gale of cold air coming out of the less-than-generous entrance.

Pottered in to Trifurcation to (95/55A) lead which was labled as a pitch, depth not noted. It had a good drop on it (~30m). Rigged off the stunning natural (a large boulder) for the muddy scrabble, then a rebelay, another re -belay, and a nice free-hang. Nick did all that while I stood around getting cold. Then I went down, replaced one rope-protector, added another one on the next rub, but I'd run out by the 3rd rub. Nick's comment "I noticed that but it's ok if you keep left and prussic carefully". Got to the bottom, discovered it was time to go back out. Not very exciting but it is a stonking lead - another pitch going on with a good drop. Rumour has it it may get called 'Interview Blues' or something similar.

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