161 - Cave Conservation officer

Tue 23 Jul 1996
Sam Lieberman

Since no-one else was going to do it, I set off down Triassic Park with a view to laying the remaining stretch of red & white stripy tape. This is a bit tedious as a solo job and involved laying tape out from Ringpiece Jct. to Trifurcation walking back whilst collecting the Blue garotte wire and then hours of tedious tying tape to boulders, rocks, calcite nobbles and the like. I found out later that I'd cocked up around Locophobia a) because the string had fallen off b) I'd never been there before c) there were lots of footprints on the bit I ended up marking. Brian dashed by at one point, having left his surveying book on the surface, Juliette dashed by complaining of a 'dribbly period'. Once done I'd planned on meeting up with Dave & Becka who were hammering a traverse above Nick's scrotty rift (Interview Blues). Following the sounds of hammering I walked down Minoan Surprise where I came upon the Knossus rope - so I had a quick wander round Knossus. Whilst coming back I hear voices from a large hole in Minoan Surprise - it's Nick & Helen who'd started at a lead in the 4th pitch of Interview Blues and ended up halfway down this shaft. Moving on I joined Dave (Becka had run back for some more rope) and we continued on as Becka's write up.

Previous trip (start of tape-laying)

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