161 - inadvertantly go caving. (Down France)

Thu 20 Jul 1995
Anthony Day

This is a story of unfortunate mishaps.

After accidentally setting their alarm clock for 5am, the aforementioned found themselves going caving at 8am. A series of unforseen mishaps saw them arrive at a question mark in Rich T chamber. This consisted of a chossy 12' climb, which was erroneously interpreted as a chance for Duncan to practice his bolting skills, and thus a spit became placed. Duncan & Mike then endured ½hr each of shitting their pants on a 35° bank of choss, only to find that it didn't go anywhere. This at least reduced the possibility of the grave error of them returning to survey this bit of cave occurring. The possé then exit, trying to avoid the obvious pitfalls of inadvertantly becoming drunk that evening at the expo dinner.

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    161 - inadvertantly go caving. (Down France)