161 - Pushing Dreaming of Limo

Sun 16 Jul 1995
James Eckersley

Went down to d-o-l with no problems where Nick proceeded to bolt the wet pitch - Splattery. Dave decided at this point that he was too tired to be caving + started going out. I came across him wandering around the south end of D-O-L totally lost. I .·. had to show him all the way to Vestabule - bloody endless scrotting through Stomping. Nick + I proceeded to push the rift below Stomping which proved to be dead - just a loop ending back at the top of Splattery. We then started surveying but a huge rush of water misted the compass. We .·. pushed a really tight passage off Stomping + went out.

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    161 - Pushing Dreaming of Limo