161 - Pushing Oral Series

Thu 13 Jul 1995
Nick Proctor

The Prince of Darkness Strikes Again! Except this time I scuppered myself. Decided to be keen and went down whilst the others were calibrating and faffing. Charged down to Vestabule where my electric light decided to fail with a carbide messily poissing water out of the rivet hole I turned round and charghed back out. Got to the bottom of the entrance pitch to find Duncan getting changed Prussiked back out, pinched Paul's zoom and Hugh's generator. Take Two. Battle down to D.O.L. with tackle sack (about which I shall not rant). Anthony declared the naturals at the top of Teeth to be sound, so I descended and started putting a back-up bolt in for the next pitch. (The much bullshitted about bypass for Teeth had not appeared suprisingly). Duncan and Anthony enjoyed Teeth, then with 3 shit spits "Don't worry Anthony, the back-up is sound". Chortle. We descended into the next chamber. Lots of scrotting around, rift too small. More quality expo rigging followed, then I went down Arsehole, which ended after 15m. End of Oral Series. Team Survey had caught us up by then, so we kindly let them survey our finds and we went out (slowly) Actually found some clean white stals down there, so if anyone fancies a return trip ......
Nick 10½

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