161 - Pushing Dreaming of Limo

Tue 11 Jul 1995
James Eckersley

Got down to Dreaming of Limo pretty quickly - 1½ hrs + then started pushing. Hugh put in a second bolt at the head of the 1st pitch - Dental Floss. Slightly tight take off followed by approx 10m drop to a large ledge. 5m drop rigged off natural drops to floor. From here, found another obvious way on which leads to the right to a sloping rift (Tonsils) through a small hole. Pos. way on up to left from here. Rift drops down about 15m to another floor with 3 holes in it. Hole on left leads to really awful way on (Teeth) down rift dropping about 10m through tight chossy rock before opening out + dropping another 15m to floor. The pitch head was rigged off some really dodgy naturals which creaked + moved a lot while Nick was hanging off swearing. After a bit of re-rigging + a rebelay before the rift opened out, the pitch was rigged sort of satisfactorily. By the time we all reached the bottom of this pitch, everyone was knackered so we lobbed a load of rocks down the next pitch, went ooh - this is god + started back up - not as easy as it sounds - it took one hell of a lot of squirming, swearing and carbide relighting to get up Teeth. When we reached the top of our lead we caught up with Paul, Duncan, Mike + Anthony on the way up to the entrance so had to sit around a lot waiting + getting bloody cold. Called the series of pitches we discovered the Oral series. TU 10½ hrs

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