161 - To Dreaming of Limo

Tue 11 Jul 1995
Paul Bilton

This was supposed to be a short pushing trip but due to a small amount of faffing by yours truly this never happened. KH main entrance is a tad airy. This was my observation + my problem.... Having done only 3 not nice SRT trips before it took some faffing to pass the freehanging re-belay. This took the form of:- 'how do I get me short cow's tail off?' Lots of faffing and help eventually taught me how to pass such a thing + the bottom was reached. Off we all traipsed down snot + stomping to just before Dreaming of Limo. Mike went down some passage he rigged. This he said didn't look too promising. I went to sleep. We then all met the others and decided to come out. This was done with out much pace but without hiccup.

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    161 - Pushing Dreaming of Limo
    161 - To Dreaming of Limo