161 - Gnome

Tue 12 Jul 1994
Andrew Atkinson

Found another idiot to go down Gnome on a quick trip just to put a bolt on. Trundled off to the bottom, Olly only unripping a bit on the corner but swearing never again. Another one lost. Got to pitch, put bolt half in lots of cracks so gave up. Climb onto boulder suspended in the middle of the pitch got too scared must be time to go home. In Driller Killer, saw the drill lead so went down to get it. Decided it was a little dangerous so called Olly to stop just as I reached a little too far and found myself stuck upside down in a rift. PUSH - oh shit - PUSH - oh fuck - OLLY - Spent the next 20 minutes upside down edging slowly out. Balls leg stuck back to the start. Wonder when the rescue comes. Another 20 mins dying of carbide - eventually the right way up. Quick push thro a too small hole and a slow prussick to home, saying not to go again. Well not till the next day.

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