161 - Driller Killer

Sat 16 Jul 1994
Mike Richardson

Bob must be on keen-ness pills. A mere 9 hours or so after his France trip, back down to Driller Killer. In via Snot & the chunnel with a fettled geraldine. On arriving at Vestabule, Andy & Mike TA scrotted about a bit, and the latter popped out into Stomping without doing the pitch ! Yeh !! So now we can get to the bottom of Driller Killer without ever going via Gnome II.

Set off down Stomping, part way along, Andy remembers that hangers are at pitch in Vestabule, sigh. Andy & Bob carry on with Geraldine to derig KnotWhat & Driller Killer by pulling rope through. Yours truly goes back to get hangers, then rigs traverse line at the bottom of Driller Killer to get to opposite passage; then mostly excavates alternative crawl to stop boredom. Andy & Bob return with Geraldine to rig pitch into chamber .... Geraldine (working at top of KnotWhat) now packs up - battery buggered. SIGH ! Bolt by hand in awkward place, descend .... various pitches off !!! Climb up opposite side of chamber to .... various passages off (so, what's new ?). Follow one until Andy says "Mike, have you been here, there's footprints" - "No, don't think so" ... carry on a bit ... "Mike - you have been here before" ... pop out at the bottom of Driller Killer _again_. Survey back round loop (traverse line not strictly needed anymore as only turn off surveyed to conclusion) and also Stomping/Vestabule connection.

Stagger around with Bob's Bastard Big Bag full of recovered rope & hangers & dump the contents just above OTR as now knackered. Prussik slowly out to a fine morning. Lug Geraldine back (again ....)

T/U 13½ hrs ? ^--- 14½ hrs ---^

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